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Nebraska is a state where the four seasons can be enjoyed in all their glory.

Annual mean temperatures vary from 53ºF along the eastern half of the southern border to 45ºF in the northwest corner.

The average date of the last freeze in spring ranges is May 21, and the first fall freeze typically occurs around October 6. Average precipitation is 16 to 32 inches with snowfall averaging 1 to 12 inches.


Doniphan is located above the Ogallala Aquifer, a vast underground reservoir that extends across an eight-state area of the Great Plains. Nebraska has more water in the aquifer than the other seven states combined. With the implementation of more efficient irrigation systems and other water management measures, the Ogallala Aquifer will remain a valuable resource in Nebraska.

Nebraska’s Natural Resource Districts (NRDs) have much of the responsibility, with state oversight, for managing the water in the Ogallala Aquifer.

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