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A deposit is required at the time of reservation of the Banquet Hall and the meeting rooms. This deposit will be refunded by mail after the building key has been returned to the Doniphan Area Event Center and the building inspected and approved after cleanup. Any damage repairs or cleanup fees required by the Doniphan Area Event Center after inspection will be withheld from the deposit. Damages exceeding the deposit will be the responsibility of the renter.

Banquet Hall Rent

8:00 am day of until 12:00 am

No music after 11:00 pm

$850 for Doniphan Trumbull School District residents ($500 deposit)

$1,100 for anyone outside the school district ($500 deposit)

$3,000 for all Quincenearas ($2,000 deposit)

$100 fee to set up the day before and a

$100 fee for the day after to clean up, provided there are no other conflicts

Meeting Room Rental #1

$100 for all day ($100 deposit)

$50 for half a day ($50 deposit)

Meeting Room Rental #2 (with kitchenette)

$100 for all day ($100 deposit)

$50 for half a day ($50 deposit)

Both Meeting Rooms

$200 for all day ($200 deposit)

$100 for half a day ($100 deposit)

Make checks payable to: Doniphan Event Center, PO Box 189, Doniphan, NE 68832

Please note: If you will be paying your deposit and rental fee at the same time,

two separate checks will be required.

Doniphan Area Event Center 402-845-4466

Fire & Rescue 911

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